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Studying abroad was a very fulfilling and stimulating experience, both personally but more importantly for the vision of Toro Luna. While you may be bursting out with excitement to seep in as much as you can from studying abroad, it has offered me bright career insight and success on Toro Luna's brand. The food, lifestyle, culture, history, weather, travel, language and people are no doubt a greater portion of what you are looking out for, yet I was also able to build an international experience during my stay to make an appealing for the brand prospects. when I moved out to another country, (Barcelona, Spain) in a completely different part of the world to pursue my entire degree in embarking on a journey to shape the vision for the brand both professionally and personally. 

When you live in an environment that is completely different than what you experienced back home, you learn to interact with people who have different cultural contexts as compared to you. Your study abroad experience makes you more appealing to employers as they consider such cross-cultural and interpersonal communication as a very important asset when working with a multicultural team. This shows that you are not only open to new learning experiences, but also able to adapt readily in such environments. 

It was while living in Barcelona, Spain that I became to attached to the symbolism associated with the bull. Bull fighting is very closely associated with Spain and can trace its origins back to 711 A.D. This is when the first bullfight took place in celebration for the crowning of King Alfonso VII. It is very popular in Spain with several thousand Spaniards flocking to their local bull-ring each week. It is said that the total number of people watching bullfights in Spain reaches several million every year. 

Bullfighting was originally a sport for the aristocracy and took place on horseback. King Felipe V took exception to the sport and banned the aristocracy from taking part, believing it to be a bad example to the public. After the ban commoners accepted the sport as their own and, since they could not afford horses, developed the practice of dodging the bulls on foot, unarmed. This transformation occurred around 1724. 

It was one night while walking past the famous Sagrada Familia Catholic Church when I saw a crescent moon lurking right above that I put the concept of the bull and the moon for the center of the brand I was working on, now Toro Luna Watches. I loved the Spanish culture and the symbolism associated with the strength and the perseverance of the bull- but also that quiet, blissful moment spent under the famous Sagrada Familia looking at the moon.

Moving out of my home country to another for the purpose of study has made me to develop some amazing revelations. Challenges are aplenty when you move out of your comfort zone to study abroad. Real life situations test you and help you better assess your strengths and weaknesses.

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