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It's a tale as old as time (pun-intended)- an invention is made and continuously improved upon throughout history. That's the story behind Toro Luna watches, as the originally mechanical timepieces became the impressive, complex fashion statements that they are today. While specifics vary between manufacturers, essentially all of the luxury watches we know today started a little less extravagant than they now appear. 

Watches were mechanical before becoming the sophisticated devices we now know, operated by quartz vibrations or electronic pulses. Most watches didn't even begin as wristwatches, as they were carried around in pockets. It wasn't until the 1920's that wristwatches took off as a new trend. 

Unlike watches made strictly for their timekeeping capabilities, such as those used for diving, which are electronic and use quartz movements, Toro Luna watches emphasize workmanship and aesthetic appeal (often with the use of expensive metals or jewels) and are mechanical in nature. This results in a watch that is less accurate time wise than one that uses quartz movements. 

Toro Luna Watches have held on to their extensive and rich cultural heritage, because they have stuck to its classic creations. The most contemporary watches from this brand have the classic look and feel to them. This has come to form the lifeblood of this line of watches. The fact that the watch has stuck to its original designs and has taken little to the contemporary designs has helped the brand maintain its originality and command a large number of admirers. Toro Luna has long been in high end watch making. Their watches are a culmination of technology and a classic style that set them apart from similar collections from other watch makers from the present times. 

Toro Luna's watches are largely enjoyed as jewelry or collectables rather than as timepieces, resulting in different markets to cater to different consumers. From expensive watches that are aesthetic as well as accurate in telling time, to those that are more like bracelets than they are watches, luxury watches span a broad market. Throughout time, Toro Luna watches has been able to reconcile the gap between aesthetics and accuracy. Toro Luna watches are positioned to continue on the trajectory that they have been on at a rapid pace.

This company has been through the thick and thin of the industry. The rise and fall of the watches can be seen to progress along with the history of the watch making industry. It is quite right that history of watch making industry can be understood with the history of Toro Luna Watches itself. 

How the Toro Luna Brand Evolved

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